What To Have On Hand: Important Tips For EDC

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What To Have On Hand: Important Tips For EDC

Within the past few years Everyday Carry (or EDC) has exploded in popularity, and not just amongst law enforcement either. Civilians and those concerned with emergency preparedness have also taken up EDC. Obviously, there are a multitude of options of what you can carry with you every day, both on and off duty. However, for those who may be new to the idea, it might not be clear what the best options are for improving your daily safety and efficiency with EDC. Additionally, those who are EDC veterans can always learn about some options they may not have considered before. Here are some recommendations for both novices and veterans of EDC.


A folding knife, with a blade no longer than three inches.

You might ask yourself, “Why a knife only three inches long?”. And the answer is so that it’s clearly concealable and storable. Larger blades are more obtuse and take up more of your pocket space, while a smaller foldable blade is easily placed in a belt pouch or pocket. You don’t need to be walking into the local coffee shop with a machete strapped onto your hip; that’s overkill. Additionally, you only really need to carry one knife. There’s rarely going to be a need for you to need to need to have two knives on you at once. You can maximize efficiency, accessibility and concealment by keeping yourself limited to a single smaller knife.


A compact keychain flashlight.

Most people would rightfully assume that carrying a small SureFire flashlight, or a similar smaller flashlight, is the perfect choice for EDC. And they would be right, but many times you don’t even need to go that far. Carrying a small LED flashlight on your keyring is a great way to be prepared for even those little emergencies when you don’t need to break out the larger flashlight, such as an important document or tool falling under the car seat.


A multitool.

What could be a better item to keep in your EDC checklist than a multitool? The goal of EDC is to prepare yourself for most situations with as little impact to the weight and bulk of what you’re carrying around, and with this in mind a multitool is perfect. Capable of serving as a pair of pliers, wire cutters, a knife, screwdriver, can opener, and a host of other handy tools, a multitool is an ideal choice for anyone interested in making the most out of their EDC.


A Res-Q-Me tool.

The Res-Q-Me is a product, which you’ll hopefully never have to use, but you’ll feel incredible relief for having one on you. The Res-Q-Me is a handy tool, which serves as both a seatbelt cutter and window punch, all while being small enough to be a keychain. Simply take the tool and slash the seatbelt with the imbedded blade, then press head of the tool against the window to facture and break the glass. Car entrapment during an accident is a very real and present danger, not only for yourself but also for loved ones. Keeping an easy to use Res-Q-Me on hand keeps you, and potentially your loved ones or fellow officers, feeling safe.

Obviously what you use as part of your EDC depends on what you face every day. Perhaps you might consider slimming down your wallet to reduce bulk if you often find it getting in the way or becoming hard to manage, or carrying a tourniquet or other piece of medical equipment if you’re often in situations where patching up a wound would be necessary, or perhaps you find the most useful thing to have on you is a notepad and pen. The options for EDC are nearly limitless.

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