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Under Armour ColdGear Infrared

During the colder months, keeping warm is a necessity. Warm clothes tend to be thick and bulky, making them difficult to work out in. While most athletic wear is too thin to brave the colder months. Under Amour has specifically designed ColdGear Infrared apparel to keep you warm while working out during the cooler seasons. Under Amour GoldGear Infrared apparel is beneficial for those working outdoors. Under Armour GoldGear Infrared apparel provides those in law enforcement, security, etc. the flexibility of movement without sacrificing the head you need to keep warm.Under Armour 2[1]

A military aircraft inspired the ColdGear Infrared apparel. These aircrafts are covered in powderized ceramic material, which prevents high altitude freezing and absorbs heat from infrared light. Under Armour’s new apparel contains an inner lining that absorbs the heat that naturally escapes your body through natural activity. The inner lining retains heat, keeping you much warmer than normal clothing would.Under Armour 4

Check out Under Armours Infrared apparel to keep warm while remaining active during the colder weather. Apparel inspired by state of the art technology, GoldGear Infrared apparel should help keep you warm and active despite the temperature outside.

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