Tips for Halloween Fire Safety

//Tips for Halloween Fire Safety

Tips for Halloween Fire Safety

Halloween is a fun and exciting time each year for many families, especially those with young kids. But, because it is such an active holiday with people gathering for parties, wandering the streets trick or treating, or putting up decorations it can lead to some unfortunate accidents. While there are many different aspects of safety to be considered, fire safety is often one that isn’t thought about. However, over 900 house fires are reported each year on Halloween, and on top of that there are numerous accounts of injuries to children due to fire-related accidents. Here are a few tips that should help you prevent damage or injury to your home or loved ones this holiday.

Look out for your kids burning-candles-on-black-background

While it’s obvious that young children need chaperoning if they want to go trick or treating, there are much more subtle safety hazards that need to be looked out for. A child’s costume can be made of flammable material. While this might not seem like a particular issue as long as you don’t allow your children to wonder off next to a bonfire, there are much easier ways for their costume to catch fire. For example, many Halloween decorations utilize real fire and if left open and unsupervised can catch a portion of a child’s costume. Prevent this from happening by keeping an eye out for misplaced decorations, and to make sure there isn’t any long or trailing aspects of your child’s costume, so that they don’t accidentally drag a portion over a flame without realizing it. If your child is wearing a mask, make sure the eye holes are large enough to see completely out of, as obscured vision can result in them wondering into some unsafe areas.

Use a flashlight, not a flame candle

While not many people incorporate real fire into their trick or treating, make sure you don’t allow anyone to wonder around with an actual flame. Additionally it can be very dark during many Halloween events, so make sure everyone is equipped with a dependable flashlight. Additionally, utilize a battery-powered candle or glow stick into your own decorations if you use any. If you do decide to use real fire, then keep it away from the entrance to your home, as well as away from any dried plants or paper mache, as these can catch fire exceptionally easily.

While Halloween can be a fun and exciting holiday, for kids and adults, it’s not without its own need for safety and precaution.

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