Simple Tips to Prevent Breaking and Entering

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Simple Tips to Prevent Breaking and Entering

According to the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) Program there were nearly two million reports of burglary in 2013. While that number is lower than in previous years, it still shows just how prevalent breaking and entering is throughout the United States. It’s always a good idea to increase your home security to make sure your family and belongings stay safe. However, that doesn’t mean you must purchase a top-of-the-line electronic security system. Here are a few easy tips to help prevent anyone from breaking into your home.


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Discourage someone from wanting to break in

Try not to showcase your valuables that someone may be interested in stealing. Leaving a bike outside after your exercise routine is only an advertisement to thieves that they can come and take it; instead leave your bike inside your garage where it’ll remain out of sight. Likewise, if you’ve just made a large purchase, such as a new television, don’t leave the box outside with the trash. Doing so serves as a beacon for robbers that you have something of value to steal inside. Even having something within vision of your open window can catch a robber’s eye, so try to design the layout of your room so that valuable or important items are always out of vision of anyone who might look through your window.


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Make people think that someone is home

In the same vein, most burglars are deterred from even trying to break in if they think that someone is home, which is why most break-ins occur during the day while people are away at work. If you leave a light on, then you can make a potential burglar believe someone might be home and deter him or her from entering. Leaving on some music or the television can create the same effect. Even if you don’t have one, leaving out a home security sign can scare away intruders.


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Trim the bushes and trees

Prevent any bushes or hedges from growing too tall, as these can provide ample cover for anyone trying to scope out your home. Clear away tall tree branches that may get close to upper story windows. You don’t have to take a hacksaw to every plant you own, but trimming them down does reduce places where a burglar could take shelter or hide. Plus, there’s the added benefit of sprucing up the appearance of your lawn.


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Don’t broadcast your vacation plans

If you plan on going away on a trip, then try and keep it on the down low. There’s no need for absolute paranoia, but there’s equally no need to proclaim that your home will be vulnerable. Make friends with your neighbors and make sure they know who you are, because if they see someone who’s not you breaking in then they’re much more likely to do something about. Likewise, know who your neighbors are. If you see a suspicious person scoping out houses in your neighborhood who you’ve never seen before then it might be a sign your home could be targeted.


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Lock up

And, of course, the easiest tip is to always lock your doors and windows before leaving your home.

Many of these same tips can be used to prevent vehicle break-ins as well. If you’re leaving anything of value in your car, such as an MP3 player, your phone, or your wallet, place them inside the glove compartment or under the car seat. However, the best solution is to just not leave anything of value in your car at all. With these tips hopefully you’ll be able to enact better home security and prevent any unfortunate home break-ins.

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