Preventing House Fires From the Outside

//Preventing House Fires From the Outside

Preventing House Fires From the Outside

One of the worst disasters that can happen to you is a home fire. Being caught in a house fire is one of the leading accidental deaths across the country, resulting in thousands of Americans being killed every year. Many of these are the result of either electrical appliances short circuiting, or a grease fire in the kitchen, to a stray candle lighting up the curtains. Preparing for and preventing these causes is an excellent way to keep your home safe from catching fire, but many people forget about external causes for a house fire. Here are a few tips to keep in mind to make sure your home is safe from outdoor fires.

Keep wooded areas clear

If you live in a wooded area or near trees, make sure there is at least thirty feet between your home and the trees surrounding it. This way, if fire does encroach on your house the fire will be less likely to jump from a branch to your house. This also largely depends on the kind of trees you may live near.

Remove dry leaves

While not everyone enjoys raking, it is very important to remove the dead foliage from your yard, as dead plant life like leaves catch fire very easily. After cleaning up any flammable debris make sure you store them at a place far from your house.

Make it easier for firefighters

In the event there is a fire at your home, make sure your driveway is wide enough for the department vehicles to access your home. Additionally make sure you know where the nearest water supply is, as there should be one near your house.

Have an emergency plan

Already have a place on hand you and your family can go to in the event your home must be vacated. Practice meeting there with your family to make sure everyone knows exactly where that spot is.

With these tips in mind you should be able to keep your home a little bit safer from outdoor fires.

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