Preparing for the Worst in Winter

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Preparing for the Worst in Winter

For some, winter merely means a warm coat and a thicker pair of socks. However, for many it can mean being buried in snow without electricity or heat, possibly for days at a time. Here we’ll attempt to give you some ideas on how to prepare for the worst that winter has to throw at you. This is especially important during winter, as the extremely difficult weather conditions can often result in you being left to your own devices.

Prepare your Home

Often, winter causes some minor problems around the home that you don’t currently need to deal with but can suddenly become major issues. For example, say it’s particularly chilly outside and you’d like to start up your fireplace. Little did you know that the buildup of soot and other residue in the chimney catches fire and now you’re left with a burning home. General maintenance of things like a chimney is vital to making sure you avoid accidents like that. Additionally, prepare for a power failure. Nearly every form of home heating requires electricity, and while it’s not a given that you’ll lose power you certainly don’t want to be unprepared if you do. A portable indoor heater is an option, as well as a generator for your home. Make sure these pieces of equipment run smoothly before you need to use them, as there’s a chance they may not function correctly.

Prepare Yourself

Making sure you’re stocked up on all aspects of winter clothing is incredibly important. Thick winter clothes as well as layers are vital to making sure you stay warm, especially if you do lose power. If you get water from a well, then your pump will likely not work without electricity. You may want to consider a water barrel or individual jugs of water. Additionally, you’ll want to make sure you have at least several weeks’ worth of food as backup. Try and be as stocked up as you can in anticipation, as there is likely to be a large rush of people looking to supply themselves at your local grocery store if an approaching storm is announced.

Dealing with Ice and Snow

Both frozen ice and large amounts of snow can be a huge problem. Make sure you have a few options on hand for snow and ice removal, as larger shovels as some are meant for pushing snow while others are meant for scooping it. If you’re snowed in, then you’ll need the help clearing yourself out of the snow bank. If you plan on using a snow blower make sure that it works in advance as well, and is filled with fresh gasoline. It’s a good idea to carry a large amount of salt in case you need to salt stairs or roads. Depending on how much you may have to use, it may be worth stockpiling it. Replace the wiper blades on your car and make sure you have tire chains and an ice scraper on hand, in case you need to drive through the ice and snow.

Obviously this isn’t everything you could possibly do to be prepared for the worst, but it should hopefully give you the right idea on what you’ll need to be preparing. Make sure your home is in good condition before the winter gets to its worst, make sure you’re well supplied, and make sure you’re able to leave if need be, and you’ll be in a good place no matter how bad the weather gets this winter.

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