Preparing and Defending Your Home

//Preparing and Defending Your Home

Preparing and Defending Your Home

It’s always important to defend your home against normal break-ins and there are a number of ways to make sure your home is protected. However, in the event of an emergency or disaster you might have defend your home yourself or even abandon it, which requires an entire different set of preparations. While some situations may cause you to leave your house in order to seek shelter, many events might leave you forced to defend your home with limited or no help from local law enforcement. Here are a few tips to help prepare for such a scenario.

Easy Fortifications storm-shelter

While there’s always the option to crudely board up your windows and doors with wood for fortification, there are a few ways you can prevent or deter looters. While it is expensive, replacing your windows with a thicker Plexiglas will make them significantly more durable if someone comes to your window with a rock or other heavy object. This will also help during heavy storms, when objects may be likely to be picked up and thrown against your home by the wind.

photoReplacing your regular locks with deadbolts is another safety precaution. If you really want to give intruders a hard time, then install a heavy duty deadbolt, as this will prevent your door from being busted in that much more. While neither of these are surefire solutions, they will cause a looter to think twice about breaking into your home, and after some struggles they will likely move on. Another cheap solution is actually one of the most effective; leave a sign outside saying that you’re armed and will defend your home from any invaders. While it may seem counterintuitive to announce that you’re in your home, most looters aren’t looking for any sort of confrontation and will likely move onto another place that seems abandoned. What makes this trick even better is it has the same effect if you’re bunkering down in your home or not, so if you have to leave in a pinch it might be good to have one of these signs handy.

Useful Tools

There are a few tools to keep on hand in case you need to defend your home. Obviously, if you have a firearm you should keep it at the ready and with plenty of ammunition. If you don’t normally use a firearm then it’s not as important that you have one in case of emergency. However, if you do decide that you’d like to have one, then make sure you and your family are trained enough to use it. On top of that: crowbars, hammers, construction supplies and other useful pieces of equipment that you can use to patch things up or create make-shift barricades can be lifesavers. Sandbags are often good to use as barricades as well, but are harder to keep stored in any large number ahead of time. Pepper spray is an excellent choice for a non-lethal weapon, especially in the close quarters of a household.

While it’s an unsettling thought that someone might invade your home, especially when you might be vulnerable, but with a few precautionary steps you will be prepared and ready to fend off most intruders.

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