What To Have On Hand: Important Tips For EDC

Within the past few years Everyday Carry (or EDC) has exploded in popularity, and not just amongst law enforcement either. Civilians and those concerned with emergency preparedness have also taken up EDC. Obviously, there are a multitude of options of what you can carry with you every day, both on and off duty. However, for those who may be new to the idea, it might not be clear what the best options are for improving your daily safety and efficiency with EDC. Additionally, those who are EDC veterans can always learn about some options they may not have considered before. [...]

There’s No Rain Delay on Duty: Waterproof Apparel and Footwear

Everyone likes to stay out of the rain, and when you’re on duty during a downpour or even a light shower you’ll want to keep your feet and body dry. Technology like GORE-TEX® and Teflon® exist to make your apparel and footwear resistant to the conditions of wetter weather. Waterproof technology and techniques have developed over the past few decades, but many people don’t know exactly how this technology works and how that knowledge can help them select the best waterproof apparel or footwear for them. […]

Tactical Knives: Finding a Dependable Blade

It is clear to most people that many events require a blade that’s sharper than an average kitchen knife. These situations require cutting rope or a stuck seatbelt to save trapped people to warding off an attacker in a self-defense situation. These situations require a tactical knife. The modern tactical knife is designed for a broader range of uses than just as a bayonet or as a fighting knife, and is designed for maximum versatility. Tactical knives are useful in many different situations, especially for those in military or law enforcement. There exist a wide variety of brands such as 5.11 Tactical, BLACKHAWK!, [...]

Dyna Med: Medical Supplies for First Aid, ALS and BLS

[wpvideo CQtCAGS8] Dyna Med delivers survival gear and medical equipment to first responders, rescue squads, security detail, park rangers and nature guides who often deal with crisis-level and life-threatening situations. Dyna Med’s product line includes Advanced Life Support and Basic Life Support Kits, first aid kits, medical bags, nitrile and latex gloves, cold packs, burn-care items, and equipment for immobilization, splinting and extrication needs.

A History of Dogs in Public Safety

Man’s best friend has done their part to assist humanity in protecting the public for centuries. While initially assisting in ancient hunting and protection, dogs were eventually used during times of war. The use for these creatures evolved over the years leading to a wide variety of uses in public safety including law enforcement, firefighting, and military. There is a rich history of partnership between these loyal animals and people and how it has evolved, and it certainly deserves appreciation. […]

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Prepare for Anything: How to Use a Bail-Out-Bag

You never know when an emergency is going to happen; perhaps you need to bail from your car and escape into the woods, perhaps you’ve found yourself stranded with few supplies, or perhaps you’ve stumbled upon an emergency and need to be prepared. This is where a bail-out-bag, or bug-out-bag, comes in handy. […]

Because Duty Calls

Quartermaster has served security, military, public service and public safety professionals for more than 35 years. Our experience, in-house customization and exceptional customer service ensures you will be satisfied with every order. Because duty calls, your uniforms and equipment will arrive ready for action. In addition to the industry's leading brands, Quartermaster offers exclusive brands: LawPro, DutyPro, Galls and Dyna Med. These affordable police uniforms, security uniforms, police gear and tactical gear are always built with durable materials and functional designs created for daily use in the field. Learn more at

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