How to Look the Best in Your Uniform

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How to Look the Best in Your Uniform

First impressions are everything, and the same holds true for the appearance of your uniform. You can keep your hair trim and be well mannered, but with a scruffy looking uniform it doesn’t present the best impression when you’re approaching a civilian or even among your fellow officers. Fortunately, with a few helpful steps it’s really not that hard to make sure you’re looking presentable and professional.

When Purchasing a Uniform, Buy for Quality

Budget constraints will always be an issue, and you may not be able to afford the top-of-the-line uniforms, but always get the best you can. If you can, dry-clean your uniform as that will help prevent colors from fading and ends up looking the best as opposed to machine washing.

Make Sure the Uniform Fits Properly

Too big or too small; uniforms that don’t fit don’t look good. When trying on a shirt, try it over your vest and make sure there is one inch on each side seam. Trousers should comfortably sit around your waist, not too tight so it doesn’t bunch up, though. If you’re having trouble figuring out how to make it fit, take your uniform to be tailored.

Blouse Your Shirt

Gather the extra shirt material around your waist and tuck it behind the outside creases on the back of your shirt. This keeps the front of your shirt smooth and tight. You can always tailor your shirt so you don’t need to blouse it, but it’s always an option if you have extra shirt material you need to tuck.

Align Your Uniform

Take the center of your pants and make sure the edge of the zipper is aligned with your belt buckle as well as your shirt flap along the center of your body. This gives the sense of symmetry, which is pleasing to the human eye.

Uniform Maintenance

So, you’ve managed to get a uniform that fits and you can wear it well. However, don’t forget about uniform upkeep. Always check for missing buttons, tears, or stains as they can ruin an otherwise excellent appearance. Make sure your boots and belts are polished and cleaned on a regular basis.


Your uniform looks great and you do an excellent job maintaining it, but make note of how you look in it. Make sure you test how your uniform looks on you when standing, sitting, and generally moving around. What looks great one moment can easy become disheveled the next if you don’t get something that really fits you. While it may seem obnoxious don’t be afraid to try a number of uniforms to make sure you’ve found one that fits you the best.

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