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Under Armour ColdGear Infrared

During the colder months, keeping warm is a necessity. Warm clothes tend to be thick and bulky, making them difficult to work out in. While most athletic wear is too thin to brave the colder months. Under Amour has specifically designed ColdGear Infrared apparel to keep you warm while working out during the cooler seasons. […]

Preparing for the Worst in Winter

For some, winter merely means a warm coat and a thicker pair of socks. However, for many it can mean being buried in snow without electricity or heat, possibly for days at a time. Here we’ll attempt to give you some ideas on how to prepare for the worst that winter has to throw at you. This is especially important during winter, as the extremely difficult weather conditions can often result in you being left to your own devices. […]

Building a Cold Weather Survival Kit

As we head into the colder months of winter, many across the United States may want to begin bundling up. But, on top of a warm winter jacket and boots, there are many aspects of our lives we take for granted during the warmer months. When the temperature starts to drop it can cause a lot of unnecessary problems and surprises, from an ice slicked road to a snowstorm. Here are a few items you may want to keep in your vehicle, just in case you happen to get stuck in the cold. […]

Preparing and Defending Your Home

It’s always important to defend your home against normal break-ins and there are a number of ways to make sure your home is protected. However, in the event of an emergency or disaster you might have defend your home yourself or even abandon it, which requires an entire different set of preparations. […]

4 Foods to Stockpile In Case of an Emergency

When preparing for an emergency it’s important to take precautions into account. Making sure you have a way to contact your family or rescue, preparing an escape plan for your home or city, and even looking up the effects of potential emergencies are all excellent ways to prepare. However, none of that is going to get you very far if you don’t take care of your own survival beforehand. […]

Field Dressing Your Own Injuries

While unfortunate to admit, it’s all too real that injuries, sometimes severe, happen out on the field. Ideally you’ve trained for exactly such a moment, but for the sake of preparedness here are a few tips to make sure you’ll be ready in case you face an injury away from immediate medical attention. […]

Tools and Tips for Starting A Fire Outdoors

Whether you’re camping or lost in the wilderness, knowing how to start a fire is important. However, it’s not as simple as rubbing two sticks together or lighting a match. It’s important to be prepared, so you want to make sure you’re not stuck outside shivering in the cold. Here are a few things you might need when lighting up a fire outdoors. […]

The History of Firefighter Uniforms and Equipment

Firefighting is an incredibly hazardous profession that requires a set of skills and equipment in order to deal with emergency situations safely and efficiently. This means that firefighter tools need to be in optimal condition at all times. Current fire-fighting turnout gear consists of pants, coats, helmets, boots, breathing apparatuses, and a variety of other useful tools. […]

What To Have On Hand: Important Tips For EDC

Within the past few years Everyday Carry (or EDC) has exploded in popularity, and not just amongst law enforcement either. Civilians and those concerned with emergency preparedness have also taken up EDC. Obviously, there are a multitude of options of what you can carry with you every day, both on and off duty. However, for those who may be new to the idea, it might not be clear what the best options are for improving your daily safety and efficiency with EDC. Additionally, those who are EDC veterans can always learn about some options they may not have considered before. [...]

Dyna Med: Medical Supplies for First Aid, ALS and BLS

[wpvideo CQtCAGS8] Dyna Med delivers survival gear and medical equipment to first responders, rescue squads, security detail, park rangers and nature guides who often deal with crisis-level and life-threatening situations. Dyna Med’s product line includes Advanced Life Support and Basic Life Support Kits, first aid kits, medical bags, nitrile and latex gloves, cold packs, burn-care items, and equipment for immobilization, splinting and extrication needs.