The Dishonor of Stolen Valor

In the United States, thousands of cases have been brought forward over the past few years in which politicians, judges, services members and civilians have been found guilty of “stealing valor”. What exactly does “stolen valor” mean and why is this concept so alarming? Outline below is an explanation of this concept and the consequences of “stolen valor”. […]

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Gun Shaped Phone Cases

For the past few weeks, there’s been an alarming trend of handgun shaped iPhone cases amongst teenagers. Shaped to look like a real handgun, these phone cases could deceive almost anyone at a glance. As expected, these accessories could result in terrible accidents when mistaken for a real weapon. A law enforcement officer typically doesn’t have the luxury of time during a confrontation, and these phone cases only add to the many issues an officer may encounter. […]

The Downside of Fireworks

Fireworks have a long and explosive history with both the world and America itself. Invented in Ancient China and fashioned into tools for warfare, fireworks were eventually brought to the western world and were reworked into the artistic and colorful art form Americans are familiar with today. Across the country, both families and entire cities will gather together to watch and be captivated by these impressive light shows for a number of holidays and special events. […]

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Flag Day: A Brief History

Flag Day is observed each year on June 14th, when cities across America hold ceremonies to honor this treasured national symbol and to celebrate the independence that it represents. Formalities often include the raising of the flag, a rendition of the National Anthem, and a reading of the Pledge of Allegiance and Presidential Proclamation, followed by a benediction and Taps. […]

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Because Duty Calls

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