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How to Respond to an Active Shooter in Your Community

Recently in the news, there have been frequent reports of active shooters in schools, malls and other public places. These unsettling reports can help educate and prepare citizens to understand what to do during an active shooter situation. Active shooter situations can be over in a matter of minutes before law enforcement has a chance to arrive. Homeland Security recommends following practices for coping with an active shooter situation: […]

How to Look the Best in Your Uniform

First impressions are everything, and the same holds true for the appearance of your uniform. You can keep your hair trim and be well mannered, but with a scruffy looking uniform it doesn’t present the best impression when you’re approaching a civilian or even among your fellow officers. Fortunately, with a few helpful steps it’s really not that hard to make sure you’re looking presentable and professional. […]

Types of Police Patrol and Transport

Across the country, patrol officers are used to monitor specific geographical areas, moving through these areas at regular intervals in order to spot any signs of trouble. Officers on patrol are often the first to arrive at a scene, and respond to requests for calls of service. Of course, there are a number of different types of patrol transportation, and each comes with their own pros and cons. Here are a list of a few types of transports that patrol officers often utilize. […]

Important Tips for Body Camera Use

As more and more law enforcement departments continue to implement the use of body worn cameras as a means of protecting their officers, civilians, and of documenting with video evidence there are many important tips to keep in mind. It’s very easy to stick a camera onto your uniform, but before you do so you should consider a few of these points and how they might affect your body camera usage. […]

Gun Shaped Phone Cases

For the past few weeks, there’s been an alarming trend of handgun shaped iPhone cases amongst teenagers. Shaped to look like a real handgun, these phone cases could deceive almost anyone at a glance. As expected, these accessories could result in terrible accidents when mistaken for a real weapon. A law enforcement officer typically doesn’t have the luxury of time during a confrontation, and these phone cases only add to the many issues an officer may encounter. […]

Duty Boot Maintenance

Boots are built to take care of your feet. They’re meant to keep your feet safe from the natural world and keep them comfortable as you go about you daily life. They aren’t, however, indestructible and therefore they require care. Here are a few ways to make sure your boots are always in tip-top shape for as long as they can be. […]

LawPro Uniforms & Gear

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History of Police Cars

The police car is almost synonymous with law enforcement, but that wasn’t always the case. For the longest time the closest thing to police transportation was horseback, or perhaps in a horse-drawn carriage. You could easily expect an officer of the law to chase down a criminal on horse, just like in a western film, even as recent as the late 1800s. Police vehicles have only been around for the past hundred years, with the invention and influence of the motor vehicle. The world as a whole changed dramatically after the invention of the internal combustion engine, as did modern [...]