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How to Respond to an Active Shooter in Your Community

Recently in the news, there have been frequent reports of active shooters in schools, malls and other public places. These unsettling reports can help educate and prepare citizens to understand what to do during an active shooter situation. Active shooter situations can be over in a matter of minutes before law enforcement has a chance to arrive. Homeland Security recommends following practices for coping with an active shooter situation: […]

Preparing for the Worst in Winter

For some, winter merely means a warm coat and a thicker pair of socks. However, for many it can mean being buried in snow without electricity or heat, possibly for days at a time. Here we’ll attempt to give you some ideas on how to prepare for the worst that winter has to throw at you. This is especially important during winter, as the extremely difficult weather conditions can often result in you being left to your own devices. […]

Building a Cold Weather Survival Kit

As we head into the colder months of winter, many across the United States may want to begin bundling up. But, on top of a warm winter jacket and boots, there are many aspects of our lives we take for granted during the warmer months. When the temperature starts to drop it can cause a lot of unnecessary problems and surprises, from an ice slicked road to a snowstorm. Here are a few items you may want to keep in your vehicle, just in case you happen to get stuck in the cold. […]

How to Look the Best in Your Uniform

First impressions are everything, and the same holds true for the appearance of your uniform. You can keep your hair trim and be well mannered, but with a scruffy looking uniform it doesn’t present the best impression when you’re approaching a civilian or even among your fellow officers. Fortunately, with a few helpful steps it’s really not that hard to make sure you’re looking presentable and professional. […]

Simple Ways to Put Out Fires

When preparing for emergency situations, including house fires, it’s always best to make sure you’re prepared for all possible scenarios. While in many cases it’s the best idea to leave the place of a fire, in some instances it’s possible to put out the fire yourself if it is still fairly contained. There are a few materials and household items that, if you keep on hand, can help put out a fire. These tips can also be used for intentionally made fires, such as a grill or campfire. However, in the event of a fire within your home here are [...]

Tools and Tips for Starting A Fire Outdoors

Whether you’re camping or lost in the wilderness, knowing how to start a fire is important. However, it’s not as simple as rubbing two sticks together or lighting a match. It’s important to be prepared, so you want to make sure you’re not stuck outside shivering in the cold. Here are a few things you might need when lighting up a fire outdoors. […]

Concealed Carry Tips for Knives

When you’re not able to carry a concealed firearm, for either personal reasons or because of state regulations preventing you from doing so, a concealed knife may be your only remaining option for self-defense in case a physical confrontation occurs. However, it’s easy to understand why carrying a blade as opposed to a firearm can be different and requires a different set of checks before you know you’re ready to carry it into the world. […]

Simple Tips to Prevent Breaking and Entering

According to the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) Program there were nearly two million reports of burglary in 2013. While that number is lower than in previous years, it still shows just how prevalent breaking and entering is throughout the United States. It’s always a good idea to increase your home security to make sure your family and belongings stay safe. However, that doesn’t mean you must purchase a top-of-the-line electronic security system. Here are a few easy tips to help prevent anyone from breaking into your home. […]