How to Look the Best in Your Uniform

First impressions are everything, and the same holds true for the appearance of your uniform. You can keep your hair trim and be well mannered, but with a scruffy looking uniform it doesn’t present the best impression when you’re approaching a civilian or even among your fellow officers. Fortunately, with a few helpful steps it’s really not that hard to make sure you’re looking presentable and professional. […]

Simple Ways to Put Out Fires

When preparing for emergency situations, including house fires, it’s always best to make sure you’re prepared for all possible scenarios. While in many cases it’s the best idea to leave the place of a fire, in some instances it’s possible to put out the fire yourself if it is still fairly contained. There are a few materials and household items that, if you keep on hand, can help put out a fire. These tips can also be used for intentionally made fires, such as a grill or campfire. However, in the event of a fire within your home here are [...]

The History of Firefighter Uniforms and Equipment

Firefighting is an incredibly hazardous profession that requires a set of skills and equipment in order to deal with emergency situations safely and efficiently. This means that firefighter tools need to be in optimal condition at all times. Current fire-fighting turnout gear consists of pants, coats, helmets, boots, breathing apparatuses, and a variety of other useful tools. […]