4 Foods to Stockpile In Case of an Emergency

//4 Foods to Stockpile In Case of an Emergency

4 Foods to Stockpile In Case of an Emergency

When preparing for an emergency it’s important to take precautions into account. Making sure you have a way to contact your family or rescue, preparing an escape plan for your home or city, and even looking up the effects of potential emergencies are all excellent ways to prepare. However, none of that is going to get you very far if you don’t take care of your own survival beforehand. While it’s easy to create a bug-out-bag in case you need to leave your home behind, some might prefer to keep a large portion of non-perishable food on hand at home in case they are forced to remain indoors. Here are four foods you may not have considered to stockpile that are ripe with nutrition and calories, which will greatly benefit you in an emergency.

Trail Mix dry-fruits-and-nuts-at-market

There’s a reason trail mix is a favorite among hikers, as it includes a variety of ingredients with important nutrients. The natural sugars that make up raisins, nuts, and chocolate are excellent for providing a quick energy boost to your metabolism. And on top of that, trail mix is an excellent way of keeping dried fruit in your diet.

Peanut Butter

In addition to containing vital minerals like copper and iron, peanut butter is filled with protein and fatty acids. Even a small amount per day can help a person survive with limited sources of food. Peanut butter is rich in energy and will sustain you longer than most other foods can.

Brown Rice jasmin-rice-on-spoons

High in both calories and protein, brown rice boasts a long shelf-life and is very easy to store in bulk in a food cabinet or dry basement. Additionally, brown rice is incredibly easy to prepare due to only needing a small amount of hot or boiling water to be ready to eat.

Canned Alaskan Wild Salmon salmon

Perhaps an unusual choice at first glance, fish is filled with proteins and healthy fats such as omega 3s. Alaskan wild salmon in particular is one of the least likely to contain any form of environmental contamination that can show up in many other canned food varieties. Just like tuna fish, you can eat with your hands straight from the can, meaning this meal requires little setup beyond a can opener. However, without a form of refrigeration you’ll have to finish off the can in one go so make sure you’re either very hungry or have multiple mouths to feed with this suggestion.

There are a variety of other foods such as beans, nuts, jerky, and energy bars that might also be a good idea to store. Remember when picking out what to store how long something will last, as it doesn’t do you much good to store all of this food only to have it go bad before you need it, as well as what is least likely to be available in case of an emergency.

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